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First Annual C.A.B. Watcher Challenge by CeeAyBee

The First Annual (and possibly the last ) C.A.B. Watcher Challenge

Coming off the successful C.A.B. Spring Break Me Contest in which I was wowed by your creativity and imagination, I have decided to turn the tables and consider your ideas and requests. As regular C.A.B. watchers know, from reading my C.A.B.ified Classics Series, I love the challenge of seeing if I can capture the spirit of any given art genre (with a fetish bent, of course) in parody, so I'm opening up the field to things YOU have always wanted to see.

And that could be anything: Cartoons, T.V. Shows, Movies, Comics, Famous Artists, DA Artists, Anime, Manga, etc, etc, so on and so forth, ad nauseam.

oh… I know what you're saying,
"But C.A.B. … you NEVER take requests, ideas, or commissions!  WTF?!! What's the catch?"

Here's the catch (also known as THE RULES):

1.) You MUST be a C.A.B. WATCHER in good standing (and remain so) to qualify.

2.) Submit your idea or suggestion below (AND ONLY BELOW - no PMs or Emails please)

3.) Keep it brief. No more than a few sentences. Brevity is the soul of wit. If I choose your idea, I will contact you if I have questions.

4.) Anything within reason, meaning: nothing that would violate Deviant Art's Rules of Content and my own sense of decency (as it were).

5.) I will choose a suggestion (or several) over the next few months that appeals to me and my judgment based on whatever mood I'm in at the moment (read: artistic temperament).

6.) If your idea is selected you will be credited upon the piece being posted, and all the honor, glory, and perks, that come with being… … with being the person that had an idea.

7.) Good luck. And please, if you have not done so, please review my C.A.B.ified Classics Series so we don't have any duplicate suggestions.

~ C.A.B.

So... go on... challenge the C.A.B.
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If you have been meaning to enter, or procrastinating to enter,  or scurrying to enter, or vacillating to enter,
NOW IS THE TIME!!!!  The deadline is MAY 1st ( mayday! mayday!)
Win some swag and your 15 minutes of fame! Enter NOW!

STORY:Silke Arches in Sadista's Foot Roast Boudoir

As any girl knows, you can't keep all your eggs in one basket. Sadista was no exception. She maintained private collections and personal chambers across the world.
We join Sadista in Paris, France. It was across Parisian streets she liked to break in her new heels, fresh from exclusive European boutiques. It was a long way back to her Chateau, though her Maybach made light of the journey. The feet from the girl in the trunk, pushing their way through the back seat, made for a pleasant diversion along the country roads.
Something was wrong! She could see smoke rise from th
Queen Of Hearts- CAB Spring Break Me by LivingdeadguyLEGO Silke Arches in Sadista's Foot Roast Boudoir! by AcidHoboLEGO Silke Arches on Sadista's Rack (Stop Motion) by AcidHoboLEGO Silke Arches tickled by Sadista! by AcidHoboLEGO Sadista Mad Scientist Minifigure (Animated) by AcidHoboLEGO Sadista 49% Sweet Domina Minifigure by AcidHoboLEGO Sadista 49% Sweet Domina Minifigure 2 by AcidHoboLEGO Sadista 49% Sweet Domina Minifigure 1 by AcidHoboSilke Arches - tickled by Vadda-Orca
C.A.B's Spring Break Me Contest 2014    It was a normal, average day for Sadista; playing with her "toys", making them cum and cry. However, this would turn out to be a day that turns Sadista's world upside down.
*           *            *           *          * 
    A few hours later, Sadista had just finished a tickle torture session with one of her girls and went upstairs to bed. An unknown figure lurked just a couple feet away from her and waited to strike. Sadista had gotten into bed and went to sleep. "You...are...mine" said the figure. The next morning, Sadista woke up unaware at first of her new surroundings. She stood up and headed for the stairs. She sleepily bumped into a solid wall. "What the hell?!?" exclaimed Sadista. "Who the fuck moved my door?" Suddenly she took a closer look around and noticed she was inside a strange new room. The walls were painted a
Sadista - Playtoy magazine cover (f/m) by T-SCINurse Sadista by BigfootfantasiesC.A.B.'s  SPRING BREAK ME: Sadista's Water Feature by controsisGooey Silke and pleased Sadista by FREETZOLego Silke Arches: C.A.B. Spring Break Me Contest by AcidHobo The Adventures of Silke Arches: Bricke Arches!
Sadista! The erudite, eloquent and educated heiress. However, her nefarious deeds, as documented and introduced into the world by :IconCeeAyBee:, have garnered her attention from famed international fetish spy, Silke Arches!
Silke's fearlessness was equalled only by her fervent ticklishness!
If she was to penetrate the stately mansion and the dreaded catacombs of Sadista, she must go prepared! She did pack her fetish pistol surely?
Arriving at the scene in her stiletto jet, Silke delved deep into Sadista's murky underworld.
Alas! Triggering a hidden alarm, Silke slowly dropped out of consciousness...  To awake, beneath a vast marble archway, bound, barefoot to an intricate rack.
Sadista! Before conversation began, there were lightening quick snaps to the soles of Silke Arches. Her feet were no stranger to such punishment. Despite years of battle h

Wiggle in the Jungle by augustineart Entry for C.A.B.'s  SPRING BREAK ME CONTEST 2014 by LithographicDan Psycho showers are for the Birds by vladen13Silke Arches in the Web of Zoe by SymbioticFedoraGeekSpring Break Me - Rescue! by Yurihausen
C.A.B.'s  SPRING BREAK ME CONTEST 2014 by Dr-WillardThere is plenty of laughter in this dojo! by thatreallyweirdguyXDSpring Break Me entry 2014 by AnaliseGreySadista and Silke Arches in The Spy Who Drugged Me by T-SCISadista and Silke in The Spy Who Drugged Me page 2 by T-SCIBatgirl AKA Silke Arches -VS- Catwoman AKA Sadista by Fantasy-PlayA Bit Flustered,Starring Sadista and well..Myself by MadhatterMissBDSM science by Fantasy-PlaySadista and Fantasy Mutual Play by Fantasy-Play Sadista's Ultimate Pleasure
                                                                            Sadista's Ultimate Pleasure
There comes a time when a pure evil, can be outwitted by a pure benevolence. It is not an easy journey, but it is definitely possible,... when one has the correct training and determination. We introduce, Silke Arches, secret agent and spy for the White Feather Union (W.F.U), an empire of peace and prosperity. But do not mistake the warming welcome of it's citizens for weakness. For when those who wish to usurp power and promote malevolence are on the march, so are the White Feather Union's forces. Silken Arches is the W.F.U's top agent, and has been assigned to see what the W.F.U's main opposition, the Red Feather Reich (R.F.R), has been up to in their


Is there anything more delicious than a good Dominant, a feisty Submissive and the yummy games they play?  Tight bondage, sexy discipline, sensual and excruciating sexual romps in the push me pull you of mutual fulfillment. Its not so much the dare to see if someone will break, but all the fun in getting there. Sexy good fun for all.


To take part in


Artists • Photographers • Writers • Cosplayers

For a limited time I will offer up my characters Sadista©(link) and Silke Arches©(link) for you to use and depict as you wish, in the best and most yummy BDSM and or Fetishy scenario your fevered dreams can conceive; Peril, Bondage, Tickle Torture, Foot Fetish, Latex & Rubber, Discipline, Action, Adventure... Anything goes* (*within the realm of Deviant Art decorum rules...look them up if you have questions).
All entries MUST feature either Sadista© or Silke Arches© or Both.
C.A.B. will sit in judgement of your best entries, and you may enter as many times as you desire. Simply post your work with an indication that it is for "C.A.B.'s  SPRING BREAK ME CONTEST 2014" and send me a head's up PM, I will post the thumbnail right here.


So drop everything pull up your pants and get on it!


First Place Winner:
12 Months Premium Deviant Art Membership
Gifted to you by C.A.B.

Second Place Winner:
12 Months Premium Deviant Art Membership
Gifted to you by C.A.B.

Third Place Winner:
12 Months Premium Deviant Art Membership
Gifted to you by C.A.B.
(yes, you read that right... all winners get a 12 month premium membership)

Honorable Mention:

Your entry will be exposed and lauded to thousands of DA's hungriest fetishists, and you will forever be regarded in infamy with all the rights and privileges afforded. As well as the much coveted "No Prize" award.

All entries MUST feature either Sadista©(link) or Silke Arches©(link) or Both. No exceptions.
Your awesomely sexy contest entry will be Judged by C.A.B. on Creativity, Execution, Fetishy-ness, Sexiness, Originality, and all around Cool Factor.
Final judgment will take place at C.A.B.'s leisure sometime after Easter and will have a Special Announcement in my DA Blog.
What are you waiting for? Get your fetish on and let's HEAT UP the Spring!

~ C.A.B.
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I felt like you needed to know for the millionth time how wonderful of an artist and person you are. Looking at your art is making me extra excited for when I get my new drawing tablet, because more fetish art is needed in my life. Keep up the good work and keep those toes wiggling. (I'm sure this comment was horribly cheesy, but you get the message)
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